Here’s the KEY that makes you more money consistently


2014 Cash Flow Calendar Marketing Plan

The 2014 Cash Flow Calendar has been RE-designed to be incredibly easy and inexpensive for you to use.

No matter what type of business you are in, or how long you have been in business, I guarantee you will walk away from this with the tools that you can use immediately in your business and can earn you an additional $5,000 in profits (that can be per month or per year, depending on how seriously you take this tool)

    • Copy and paste promotional ideas for the entire year
    • Social Media Friendly and Ready To Use
    • Daily, weekly and monthly themes for your marketing campaigns
    • Uniquely position yourself and your business as a ‘fun’ company
    • Unusual ways to get your past clients back to buy again
    • 1,500+ promotional ideas included
    • Be the FUN company that others look forward to hearing from
    • Creates cash flow surges in your business
    • Wacky templates for making an impact when you launch a new product or service
    • 1-2-3 formulas for maximizing the return you get on your marketing dollars
    • The Creativity Connection Fast Track Guide to blockbuster ideas you can use

Daily tools to stand out from the crowd
and get you the return you want
from your online and offline marketing efforts

(perfect for blogging, Twitter,
Facebook, direct mail, email marketing,
websites, press releases…)

It’s So Simple, It’s Embarrassing…

Fellow Business Builder,

There has never been a better time than now to grow your business. I realize that is a bold statement when the world-wide economies are sinking to levels not seen in a long, long time.

But I will also say this… there are more multi-millionaires made in recessions and depressions than at any other time in history.

Forbes Magazine says 10 million millionaires will be created by the year 2016.

So why is it that some business not only stay on top, but THRIVE in times like this, yet others sink to the bottom and become fish food?

Smart business owners realize

that in the midst of all this mess

is a grand opportunity we rarely see.


The more you are in touch with your customers and prospects, the more they buy, the more they tell their friends and associates, and the more your profits grow. The more buying opportunities you present your customers with… the likelihood of them actually buying from you increases exponentially.


This simple marketing strategy applies to
each and every type of business

You can forget about learning how to write long copy sales letters,

or how to write advertisements that convert like a pro…

because I am going to do almost all of the work FOR YOU!



I’m going to show you exactly how to grab

all the promotional ideas and pieces you need
to make a bundle in the next 12 months.

The best part: It has been designed to be incredibly easy and inexpensive for you to participate. No matter what type of business you are in, or how long you have been in business, I guarantee you will walk away from this with the tools that you can use immediately in your business and will earn you an additional $5,000 in profits (that can be per month or per year, depending on how seriously you take this tool).

Read on, if you’re ready to take off this year with a screaming start… and the most profitable year yet in your business…

What the majority of entrepreneurs I deal with want is…

To have their ads and promotional campaigns
written for them, but not costing them an indecent
amount of money to have them put together…


I would prefer it if you would take the time and learn how to do it yourself from scratch. Eventually, I believe you will break open the secret code for million dollar marketing campaigns. If you stick with me, I will, over time, implant the necessary skills into your brain, so that you can create as much money as you could ever want or spend.

For now though…

you want to make more money in your business… fast.

A new year is upon us and you have much loftier goals for revenues, profits, and much more balanced lifestyle. Having the luxury of a big fat bank account gives you the time to learn the skills I want you to learn.

So… how about if I hand you a 12 MONTH marketing campaign schedule… and a number of pre-written letters you can send out right away… ones that are prepared to go to work for you starting right now.

In fact… the marketing calendar and letters I want to give you are…

Blueprints to a major
financial breakthrough in 2014

 The 2013 Marketing and Promotion Calendar is host to thousands of different client communication ideas… and the exact 1-2-3 formula you need to start making money within the next 2 weeks (the time it takes to mail out one of the pre-written pieces and see the maximum results).

The ideas within this guide, combined with the letter templates at the back have made me and my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past couple years. They contain simple to understand “themes” you can use that makes marketing to your clients much easier to do, and understand.

How do I know they will work for you?


I have tested them with my own client list over the years. My clients have tested them with their database…

And they will easily help you stand out from the crowd and finally get in tune with what your clients want…

unique marketing messages
for their exact interests and needs…

I am going to show you how easily and simply you can “reposition” these classics and make them fit you business and your market… immediately.

You know what else? I will also give you written permission to use them word-for-word, with no worries of copyright infringement or misunderstanding. You can mail them immediately, without fear.

I’ve got the recipe for success you want, and, until now, have only shared it with a very small circle of friends and clients.

This is a simple guide, that you can start using in just a few simple steps.

  • You will learn how to capitalize on the thousands of opportunities you have at your disposal to write new product or service launches. How to transfer an unusual holiday, even the standard ones, with a few minor changes, and one simple addition, to create monster successes with each mailer you send out to your clients.

  • 9 success keys to making any promotion you send a money maker

  • 23 different ways (and reasons) to stay in touch with your customers and prospects (each on of them can make you a bundle if you use them)

  • For each MONTH of the year, you will receive countless opportunities and ideas to run month-long promotions – or one major product launch tied into a monthly event (for example, did you know that April is National Customer Appreciation Month? Perfect time for a mailer and promotion. Or that April also is the month of National Couple Appreciation Month? How easily could you tie in that to a promotion applicable to couples? I show you how.

  • For each DAY of the month you receive at least 2 or 3 different promotional ideas that can be leveraged into your marketing campaigns. Tuesday, September 16th this coming year, besides being my birthday – a BIG 4-0 one for me, is also the anniversary of the Miami Vice premier in 1984 – perfect opportunity to mail out cheap sunglasses with a letter attached (I give you numerous letters you can use throughout the year). That same day is also Women’s Friendship day – what better time to send out an offer to all the ladies on your list, offering them a one-time-only special deal.

  • WELL OVER 1,500 marketing ideas are handed to you on a silver platter!
  • You also receive The Creativity Connection Fast Track Guide to blockbuster ideas you can use, not only in your promotions, but in new product ideas, new business ideas, new marketing concepts, etc.

  • PLUS… 161 idea sparkers in a convenient one-page reference guide that can give you all the money making ideas you could ever want! This is the sure-fire way you need to start using to stand out from the crowd and generate the response you want, every time you mail, I show you

  • Not only that, you get templates, starter paragraphs, headlines, etc – - everything you need to get started with more consistent marketing in your business (consistency is THE KEY to doubling or tripling your response, and profits, this year)

What’s more, I’ve made this easy and fun for you to use – your customers will love the new approach you are taking with them – and they will become much more devoted readers of your marketing promotions (don’t YOU prefer it when the mail you receive is interesting to read?)

I will show you all the tricks of the trade with creative and effective marketing pieces…

…many of them
you can steal
from me

I’m very serious about all of this. Once you understand this form of simplified, and ethical “theft” of ideas and templates, you will be easily able to come up with all the marketing ideas you could ever want to need in your business.

I know for a fact that this technique works, it has made my clients and I a fortune in a few short years. Many of the smartest, and wealthiest, marketers and entrepreneurs use this exact same technique to perfection.

This one simple technique can mean the difference between just getting by in 2014 – or making a killing along the way.

Many people say “money isn’t everything”, but it sure does make life a heck of a lot easier, and a LOT MORE FUN!

Which is the exact same reason people pay me large sums of money to create customized letters just for them… because they know the returns from breakthrough marketing pieces can make them a fortune.

So, by now I would bet you are thinking you will have to pay through the nose for this information, right?

Wrong, very wrong.

I am literally giving this information away…and I bet your asking right now…

How much?

In past years, I have offered the Cash Flow Calendar and bonuses for up to $197 for the complete bundle.

This year, and in honor of 2014… just $97 for the calendar, the 1,500+ ideas, the templates, the bonuses, and a proven system to generate cash on demand!

…I am offering you a stellar deal of only $97 for the digital downloads


...that’s only 23 cents a day for the best year of promotions you’ve ever done!

(no print option available this year)

Listen up: this is truly worth thousands of dollars for me to charge. If you wanted to hire me to write you a letter campaign, it would be thousands of dollars… plus royalties on what the letters make you.

This incredible tool is GUARANTEED
to put at least $5,000 additional dollars
in your pocket this coming year.

The tips I share apply to a plumber, a masseuse, an accountant or a coach… no matter what your business is, you will learn how to market consistently and get substantially better results.

Here’s to your marketing success!

Troy White


...that’s only 23 cents a day for the best year of promotions you’ve ever done!

(no print option available this year)


PS: In this day and age – how often do you get first hand chance to learn a proven system that has made millions for others – for PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR OF WHAT OTHERS HAVE PAID?

Where else are you guaranteed results like this? And where else can you be shown the 1-2-3 blueprint to attract all the new business you can handle?





“Troy is not only a master of direct marketing and copywriting, he also is a great teacher. He is able to distil and pass along the essence of important concepts in ways that make them practical and doable. And they get results. For example, under Troy’s guidance I sent three sequential emails in 10 days to a list of 450 I had created, and earned over $15,000. Troy is fabulous to work with and he gets results.”  – Geoff Kelly -


“Troy’s mastery of business-building strategies and management techniques that can explode your company blew me away.”

“I could have recruited pretty much anybody to contribute articles on business management in The Total Package. My choice: Troy White.  Troy’s mastery of business-building strategies and management techniques that can explode your company blew me away. They’ll make you money if you let them.”

- Clayton Makepeace –
(Clayton has done over $1.3 billion in sales)


“Troy, I 100% feel I got “over delivery” compared to my expectations.

Job Well Done!! Thanks!”

– Brent Schulte –


Thanks to Troy White, I finally learned how to market my financial newsletter online that is now pulling in an average of $2,300 per day in PROFIT!

I think your event, your information, your personality is incredible!

- Chris Vermeulen -