Proven (and Unusual) Marketing Ideas

That Attracts New Clients and Grows Your Sales

IDEAL for standing out in a cluttered marketplace, the 2016 Cash Flow Calendar has:

  • Your go-to resources for blog post ideas, social media updates, email promotions, and product or service launches...
  • Wacky and outrageous ideas for simplifying your marketing and making YOUR business the one they go to for fun promotions...
  • 9 years in production, and the 2016 Cash Flow Calendar is BIGGER, BETTER, and FAR MORE PROFITABLE for you...

Consistent Marketing is The Most Profitable Kind...       but what do you do when you are OUT OF IDEAS?

No matter what type of business you're in, or how long you've been in business, I guarantee you walk away from this with the tools that you can use immediately in your business, and can earn you an additional $5,000 in profits (that can be per month or per year, depending on how seriously you take this tool)...

    • Copy and paste promotional ideas for the entire year...
    • Social Media Friendly and Ready To Use...
    • Daily, weekly and monthly themes for your marketing campaigns...
    • Uniquely position yourself and your business as a 'fun' company...
    • Unusual ways to get your past clients back to buy again...
    • 1,600+ promotional ideas included...
    • Be the FUN company that others look forward to hearing from...
    • Creates cash flow surges in your business...
    • Wacky templates for making an impact when you launch a new product or service...
    • 1-2-3 formulas for maximizing the return you get on your marketing dollars...
    • The Creativity Connection Fast Track Guide to blockbuster ideas you can use...

Simple tools and ideas that get you the return you want
(perfect for blogging, Twitter,
Facebook, direct mail, email marketing,
websites, press releases...)

Fellow Business Builder,

There's never been as many different ways you can grow a business as there is right now. Search engines, social media, paid ads, video ads, sales letters, video sales letters, print mail, email marketing, blogging... and that doesn't even scratch the surface!

​With all those choices... few businesses seem to consistently grow...most just slug along and blame the economy, the government, or the customers.

So why is it that some business not only stay on top, but THRIVE in times like this, yet others sink to the bottom and become fish food?

The more often you are in touch with your customers and prospects, the more they buy, the more they tell their friends and associates, and the more your profits grow.

The more buying opportunities you present your customers with... the likelihood of them actually buying from you increases exponentially.

This simple marketing strategy applies to
each and every type of business...

The best part: It has been designed to be incredibly easy and inexpensive for you to participate. 

A new year is upon us and you have much loftier goals for revenues, profits, and much more balanced lifestyle. Having the luxury of a big fat bank account gives you the time to learn the skills I want you to learn.

How about if I hand you a 12 MONTH marketing plan

...and a number of pre-written letters you can send out right away

...ones that are prepared to go to work for you starting right now.

A quick snap shot of the daily calendar...

"$47,857 in revenues for us, within the first 48 hours..."

"Your last piece created over $47,857 in revenues for us, within the first 48 hours... not only all happened during the weekend which can be the worst time to launch a new web campaign like this…"

- Joel C, San Antonio, TX       * results not typical

This one steal-worthy letter inside has made me thousands of dollars every time I use it

(and I use it every time there's a monster storm in my local area - you can too..._

Many of these template style letters, emails, and updates you can steal from me word-for-word...

Once you understand this form of simplified, and ethical "theft" of ideas and templates, you will be easily able to come up with all the marketing ideas you could ever want to need in your business.

I know for a fact that this technique works, it has made my clients and I a fortune in a few short years.

Many of the smartest, and wealthiest, marketers and entrepreneurs use this exact same technique to perfection.

This one simple technique can mean the difference between just getting by in 2016 - or making a killing along the way.

Many people say "money isn't everything", but it sure does make life a heck of a lot easier, and a LOT MORE FUN!

Which is the exact same reason people pay me large sums of money to create customized letters just for them... because they know the returns from breakthrough marketing pieces can make them a fortune.

So, by now I would bet you are thinking you will have to pay through the nose for this information, right?

""Received over $1000.00 worth of sales from it in one day"

"We executed the September promotion and received over $1000.00 worth of sales from it in one day! Fabulous I say."

- Fran A, Calgary, AB       * results not typical

Wrong, very wrong.

In past years, I have offered the Cash Flow Calendar and bonuses for up to $297 for the complete bundle.

This year, and in honor of 2016… just $97...I am offering you a stellar deal of only $97 for the digital downloads.

What The 2016 Cash Flow Calendar Does for You:

  For each DAY of the month you receive at least 5+  different promotional ideas that can be leveraged into your marketing campaigns. September 16th this coming year, besides being my birthday - is also the anniversary of the Miami Vice premier in 1984 - perfect opportunity to mail out cheap sunglasses with a letter attached (I give you numerous letters you can use throughout the year). That same day is also Women's Friendship day - what better time to send out an offer to all the ladies on your list, offering them a one-time-only special deal.

  For each MONTH of the year, you get well over 100 unique opportunities and ideas to use for email promotions, sales promotions, or social media contests...

  You also get the Creativity Connection Fast Track Guide to blockbuster ideas you can use, not only in your promotions, but in new product ideas, new business ideas, new marketing concepts, etc…

  You can master the ability to capitalize on the thousands of opportunities you have at your disposal to promote your products or services. How to transfer an unusual holiday, even the standard ones, with a few minor changes, and one simple addition, to create monster successes with each mailer you send out to your clients…

  Not only that, you get templates, starter paragraphs, headlines, etc - - everything you need to get started with more consistent marketing in your business (consistency is THE KEY to doubling or tripling your response, and profits, this year)…

  What's more, I've made this easy and fun for you to use - your customers will love the new approach you are taking with them - and they will become much more devoted readers - and buyers - of your marketing promotions (don't YOU prefer it when the mail you get is actually interesting to read?)…

  PLUS... 161 idea sparkers in a convenient one-page reference guide that can give you all the money making ideas you could ever want! This is the sure-fire way you need to start using to stand out from the crowd and generate the response you want, every time you mail, I show you

"…1,175 orders in about 48 hrs, and $1.2 Million in 9 months"

We had over 1175 orders in about 48hrs. The most exciting part is that the orders kept coming and coming with no further effort from me.

Charlie D, Los Angeles *results not typical

This incredible tool is GUARANTEED to put at least $5,000 additional dollars in your pocket this coming year...

The tips I share apply to a plumber, a masseuse, an accountant or a coach... no matter what your business is, you will learn how to market consistently and get substantially better results....

Get your copy of the 2016 Cash Flow Calendar and Marketing Plan.  Sit down with a cup of coffee or your beverage of choice.  Book off a couple hours from distractions... and put down your marketing ideas, based on the Cash Flow Calendar.

Pick one event a week that appeals to you, and suits your business.

Use the template ideas, and step-by-step tutorials given. not only have a marketing plan in place for the first quarter of 2016, you have your promotions done, you know exactly when to send each piece of the promotion, and you are GUARANTEED to stand out from all the clutter out there~!

"...earned over $15,000"

For example, under Troy's guidance I sent three sequential emails in 10 days to a list of 450 I had created, and earned over $15,000. Troy is fabulous to work with and he
 gets results."

- Geoff Kelly       * results not typical

"...a WINNER..."

Troy stepped out of the box with a WINNER in my books. This is for everyone, anywhere in the world. How amazing is that, you will hate yourself for missing the opportunity when it arises next.

- Tamra Baxter     

"...$2,300 per day in PROFIT..."

I finally learned how to market my financial newsletter online that is now pulling in an average of $2,300 per day in PROFIT!
I think your information, your personality is incredible!

- Chris Vermeulen    

""I will personally make at LEAST $6,000 using this tool. What are YOU waiting for?""

""This is an amazing, keep at your fingertips marketing manual and you should get it! I will personally make at LEAST $6,000 using this tool. Troy White's Cash Flow Calendar gives you great reasons and templates to keep in touch with your clients and make more money.
From promotional mailings, print newsletter, websites and blogs, I will be using this to build my business. I highly encourage you to pick this up - it's incredible. It's THAT GOOD.""

- John Doe (Software Architect)

What You Get...

A peak inside...

  • You get the 2016 Cash Flow Daily Calendar: complete with over 1,679 different marketing ideas you can use throughout the year.  Broken down into daily ideas, weekly ideas, and monthly.  Pick ones that fit your business, your clients, and your goals, follow the guidance, and promote for profit!
  • You get the 2016 Cash Flow Calendar Creativity Guide. If you've ever felt out of touch with your creative marketing-mind, this will break you free. This is the EXACT same process I went through after leaving the corporate computer-sales world, and got involved with marketing and helping entrepreneurs grow their business.
  • You get the 2016 Cash Flow Calendar Swipe File. This is a GOLDMINE for action takers! I actually have prewritten dozens of promotional pieces you can use, almost as-is. Of course, you need to customize them to fit your products and services, but 80% of the work is DONE. find one you like, fill in a few blanks, hit send, watch the sales come in. Easy peasy!
  • You get the 2016 Cash Flow Daily/Weekly Calendar. If you've done a product launch before, you know the pure profit that's hidden inside a customized theme or hook.  This seperate guide breaks down some powerful week-long, and month-long themese in action.  You are shown how to use a week-long theme, how to write it (or use some of the pre-written ideas), and how to manage a launch.
  • You get the Story Selling Bonus Book. For almost a decade now, I've been shouting to the masses that there's real money waiting when you start using stories in your marketing.  Business people typically think stories in business don't go together - but they couldn't be more wrong.  Carnegie Mellon (one of the biggest research firms in the world) did a massive study and found stories in marketing BOOSTED sales by 158%~!
  • You get updates every quarter. New ideas, templates, and done-for-you swipes are raring to go.  Once every few months, you get an updated bonus guide with new profit-packing marketing ideas for growing your business.


NEW ADDITIONS FOR 2016 (on top of all the new dates, swipes, templates, and theme ideas):

​* Private Facebook Group with Real-Time Marketing Hotline!

You will get regular updates and news-worthy ideas to use in your promotions (some days it may be pop artists birthdays - and ideas to tie a birthday promo into your products), or other days it may be breaking news from around the world that makes for EXCELLENT marketing fodder.

* Additional training:

* How to launch a new product using only email - any time you want to launch - or re-launch - a product or service quickly, this training shows how email can be the most powerful tool you have.

* How to build trust training - all the emails in the world won't help much if they don't trust you.  This is a private training recording that shows how to get cold prospects to trust you, follow you, and buy from you.


 Less than $0.30 a DAY for an ENTIRE YEAR of Marketing!


​If you want coaching, mentoring, and consistent monthly marketing ideas, the platinum bundle is for you!

Not only do you get all of the above, you also get monthly audio trainings, webinars, and updates with new and hot marketing opportunities.

Think about it...each month you will get all the ideas in the calendar, PLUS you'll get additional training, access to me through email, and hot seat webinars for boosting your bottom line.

For just $297 - less than $25 a month (or under $1 a day!) you get all the marketing motivation and ideas you'll need to grow your business, pad your pockets, and build a passionaite following of clients.


All of the above, PLUS:

​* Private PLATINUM Facebook Group with Real-Time Training and Criques!

You get regular teleseminars, webinars, updates and news-worthy ideas to use in your promotions (some days it may be pop artists birthdays - and ideas to tie a birthday promo into your products), or other days it may be breaking news from around the world that makes for EXCELLENT marketing fodder.

* Additional training:

* Advanced Email marketing - once you have established yourself as a trustworthy, and consistent content provider and business owner, you need to learn THESE strategies to ramp up your results and build yourself a saleable business.

* Power list building - you know this, I know this, but why do so few people invest in building their list? Here's why - and what to do about it!

* Content Marketing Manifesto - as I preach marketing themes and story-based marketing from my soapbox, I need you to take in, and preach the wholesome benefits of massive content creation for 2016 and beyond! Here's how...

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